Management and Administrative Support

The MAS Team offers a robust quality program involving all levels of the Team and throughout every phase of our  projects.  Significant quality results will be achieved through advance planning, a qualified staff, appropriate tools  and a well experience project management team. We will accomplish this goal by balancing operational focus with judicious stewardship.   Our quality assurance/control program compliments the Quality Control Plan, and we will work very closely with the MAS’s Quality Assurance Program Coordinator (QAPC) to ensure all performance standards are met or exceeded.

The MAS Team will ensure that quality is built into all services throughout the life of each task order contract.  This will be achieved through effective implementation of our Quality Assurance (QA) and management program.  Our MAS Team Quality Control/Assurance Program has several components, which include:

Independent Quality Assurance Management

The MAS Team includes a Quality Engineer (QE) who is responsible for providing an independent and unbiased evaluation of the Team quality of service.  The QE has a direct reporting chain to the corporate staff, and advises the Program Manager using methodologies for quick resolution of potential service problem trends.  Along with the Program Manager, the QE has a key role in  developing  program service enhancements.

Established Quality Program Process and Methodology

The MAS Team quality program provides systematic tools and checks results early in the process.  Through proactive identification of issues and potential problems, we implement timely corrective actions and produce accurate documentation to track trends.  These actions help avoid problem reoccurrence and enables continuous improvement.  The MAS Team also emphasizes sound work habits and personal stewardship to protect all the resources we are entrusted with and comply with all process requirements.

Robust Communication Interfaces and Organizational Partnering

The MAS Team organization is designed to enable complete partnering with all task order customers and all levels of its management to ensure open and effective communications channels, useful measurement approaches and valid tracking tools in meeting current and future mission priorities.

Quality Assurance Plan