Management and Administrative Support

  • MAS perform a variety of technical supply management work in a number of specialized areas of expertise to include inventory management, causative research, material expediting, material coordination for special programs, material validation/inventory, material identification and cataloging, storage management,  and allowance document preparation.
  • Match specific item identification by name, stock number/part number, letter, code, quality or unit of issue on containers.
  • Assist in the unloading of incoming shipments, perform quality control inspections, perform input and extraction from designated systems.
  • Prepare materials for forward shipment after processing, to include completion of commercial airway bill (FEDEX), customs declaration and American Goods Return forms.
  • Maintain both electronic and manual data files indicating items processed and provide weekly reports to the Government Representative.
  • Induct each asset into tracking system computer program and maintain files for all assets processed.

Logistics Services

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